research paper 1702

The paper must be written in your own words with sources appropriately (A.P.A format) and consistently cited. Papers must be 10-12 pages typed, double-spaced, standard 12pt. font, 1 inch margins.

Select one of the following topics;

Zealous defence

Police brutality

Judicial Misconduct

Police corruption

Deception by police: truth and perjury

Illegal use of force against inmates

Abuse of inmates in corrections


Sexism in policing

Racism in policing

Prosecutorial misconduct

Use of deception in police interrogation

Vigilante justice

Victim’s rights

Electronic Monitoring

Intensive Supervision Probation

Special Offender Populations

Your research paper will include all of the following:

  • A thorough and comprehensive review of the relevant academic literature pertaining to your topic.
  • A discussion and overview of a Canadian case (or cases) involving your selected topic.
  • An examination of the topic using any two ethical theoretical perspectives applied to the case(s) you are addressing.
  • Your recommendations on how to educate/train/advise/monitor criminal justice professionals confronted with these particular ethical issues.
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