respond to the prompts below using 6 8 paragraphs

Respond to the prompts below using 6 – 8 paragraphs (4 – 6 sentences per paragraph).

These professional log entries are private and only read by me. While good grammar is always appreciated, I’m more interested in your responsiveness to the questions (i.e., self-insight, application of this week’s material, and level of detail).

Cultural Identity

Consider the list of potential cultural identities and write about how you identify yourself culturally. Be as comprehensive as possible (at least five attributes/identities).

Watch this 3-minute video that offers career advice to new graduates (warning – it has some R-rated language). Write about your reaction to Gary Vee’s advice. Identify which of your cultural lenses influenced your initial reaction. Select another cultural perspective from your list and write about your reaction from that perspective.

Discuss how your cultural lens(es) impact your presence at school or work.

Personal Brand

What characteristics are you known for …

  • in your family
  • among your friends
  • among people at work/other outside activity
  • in your classes

Which of these personality traits/skills do you want to be known for?

In his video, Tai Tran talked about how to embrace and create when designing your personal brand. Which of his action steps could you see yourself doing?

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