response to two peers on reflection 1 the arcs

Christopher Knox

Reflections #1: The Arcs


Although this style of music isn’t my cup of tea, I rather enjoyed the blending of styles. The use of the trumpet caught my attention quickly and the back-up singers were fantastic. I can hear the influence from the Black Keys. The tuning for all three songs sounded as if it was standard tuning. The first song, Pistol Made of Bones, was my favorite. Lyrically it was complex but had the simplicity of a nursery rhyme. I really like the lines, “I got shot by a pistol made of bones, I got got by a bullet made of stone”. The song reminded me of the chant “Sticks and stones may break my bones”. The use of the mariachi band was rather clever. The second song reminded me of a 90’s jam rock song, something you might hear around a bonfire. We all remember that one dude who played maybe 3 songs on the guitar and thought he was God’s gift. I did like the lyrics of the chorus. The beat of the last song was awesome. I am a huge fan of the acoustic guitar, so the solo riffs were quite pleasing. Overall the band was quite enjoyable to listen to, but not something I would listen to every day. I am always open to new music as I feel it is therapy for any condition. I have never heard of the Tiny Desk Sessions on National Public Radio but I will definitely be checking this out in the future.

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Cordelia Olague

Reflection #1: The Arcs


The setting was definitely intimate, as this band of six are all squished behind this desk, with a bookstore feel as the back drop. Now I know why they call it “Tiny Desk Concerts”. I really liked the sound of The Arcs. I generally like mellow music so it’s similar to the music I listen to now. I have never heard of this band prior to this assignment, but so glad I got to hear their unique sound. The sound they created was amazing. Who knew by meshing soulful, rhythm and blues, and the strings and horns of the Mariachi music would work, and work well, was nice to hear. The main vocalist, Dan Auerbach, has this raspy voice that brings a little rock to round it all out. He gave off a James Morrison and Allen Stone kind of vibe to me. I liked the violin & trumpet in the “Pistol Made of Bones”. The way I interpreted the song was about being your own worst enemy, and self-sabotaging. The technology that they used, I think it’s called a drum pad, to incorporate the bass in “Stay in My Corner” was a nice surprise. This song was by far my favorite. All vocalist harmonized beautifully as they sang about hoping their partner would have their back regardless of all their imperfections. The keyboard and violin in “Outta My Mind”, expressed the melancholy feel of the song perfectly. You could since the heartbreak in the lyrics, as they sang about feeling sad, alone, and as obviously stated, out of their mind, after suffering the loss of someone they loved. Each song offered a little something different, which I think most people would enjoy.

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