review paper draft

1. Create the title page and reference section for your paper. Both should demonstrate APA style (so remove any numbers that remain in your refs from Assignment 4).

2. Draft your thesis statement. This is a statement about the results of your research. It can be in question or declarative form. This is your chance to say what you believe the data to be saying, a belief supported by the evidence you collected. If your review of Assignment 4-5 revealed you have more research to do, you may state that your thesis is preliminary and pending further research.

3. Include a writing sample. This can be 1-3 pages of text from any part of your paper. We recommend that you submit a part for which you feel you would most benefit from feedback as this will better help you prepare your upcoming paper draft. Your grade on this assignment will not be affected by the quantity or quality of this writing sample. However, this exercise will only be helpful to you if you submit your best effort (i.e., it won’t help you if we point out problems you already know about).

I already have the 15 resources and I need the tutor to follow the instructions above to finish the assignment.

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