rhetorical analysis 127

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Outline for Rhetorical Analysis of Student Writing


  • ANALYSIS OF RHETORICAL STRATEGIES (details of the strategies mentioned in “b” above)
  • Introduce the piece of paper you are analyzing:
  • (Preview Statement) Indicate the rhetorical strategies you will discuss in the rest of this RA . Strategies must include use of rhetorical appeals and development of ideas (narration, description, exemplification).You may also include organization, style, tone, flow/transition, presentation/format (look at page 16 of your Course Reader, “Framework for Analyzing Genres and Rhetorical Strategies.”)
  • What is the full title of the paper?
  • Who is the author?
  • Under what circumstances was the paper written? (You may have to guess based on the content and the purpose.)
  • When was it written?
  • Who was the intended audience?Describe the discourse community the paper was written for.
  • What is the author’s purpose in producing this piece of writing? What did he/she want to achieve? What do you think the author wanted the reader to think or do after reading this paper? (to inform, to persuade etc etc)

You will begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, and the paragraph will have a unified focus. You should write one paragraph on each of the rhetorical strategies you mentioned in the introduction. Here is how you may develop your paragraphs:

  • Define the rhetorical strategy you will be discussing in that paragraph (you can quote or paraphrase from your course readings)
  • Quote or paraphrase 2-3 examples from the document that illustrate the author’s use of the strategy
  • Explain how or why the example illustrate the strategy and how it contributed to the author’s purpose
  • Summarize briefly the main points of the analysis
  • Explain the significance of your analysis as you consider the following:
  • What strategies were successful for the author’s intended audience and purpose? Give examples and explain why.
  • What changes would you recommend to the author to better achieve his/her purpose?


  • 1 inch margins, 12-point font, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font, double space between paragraphs
  • Block style, don’t indent paragraphs
  • About 1500 words
  • Use section headings and subheadings for the sections to guide the reader
  • Number your pages
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