rhetorical analysis of the alchemist

Presenting the rhetorical situation and explaining Coelho’s use of at least one rhetorical strategy and at least one rhetorical appeal. You should give specific evidence from the book, and explain how each strategy and appeal helps Coelho achieve his purpose in writing the book.



Explain the rhetorical situation (author, genre, audience, purpose)

Thesis: State your opinion about the letter (e.g. it has some strengths, but the weaknesses will limit its success … it has a few weaknesses, but the strengths make it a good letter … )

***Body Paragraphs

Strengths (Narration)

May include rhetorical strategy, appeal, style, etc.

Weaknesses (Ethos)

May include rhetorical strategy, appeal, style, etc.


Explain your recommendations to improve the letter (what should the author change and why)

** be sure to mention at least one rhetorical strategy (such as: Narration, Definitions) and at least one appeal (such as:Logos, Pathos, Ethos) in your essay ** Total 500+ words

Attached the link for the book:

Link: http://3g.en8848.com.cn/fiction/NonFiction/Self-Help/60869_3.html

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