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 please, write response to the following discussion by using one reference from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal not older than 5 years.


      The healthcare profession has numerous regulatory bodies ensuring patient safety is maintained at a high standard.  One such organization is The Joint Commission (TJC), an organization established in 1951 that provides voluntary accreditation through a very in-depth evaluation of compliance with standards of care of an organization (Wrzesniewski, 2017).  Continued accreditation establishes an organization’s determination to provide evidence-based, safe, quality care.  In 2001 TJC introduced a new requirement of a formal patient safety program (Huber, 2018).  The continuously elevated level of standards and safety measures required by TJC ensures safety is always at the forefront of health care.  Although medication administration error goals can be to keep errors to a minimum, it is impossible to avoid errors where the human element exists (Wang et al., 2015).  Hospitals can establish the building blocks needed to provide care of the highest standards through the safety framework required by TJC accreditation.  However, to assure continued safety and compliance it is important as a hospital culture to maintain standards and not push staff compliance before inspections (Wrzesniewski, 2017).  The standard of care and safety measures should be instilled in healthcare workers.  Policies and procedures should be adhered to and followed to the letter to avoid staff confusion and straying from the goal of safety.  Safety in an organization is a culture and must be preserved at its highest form. 

As nurses, we follow organizational policies and procedures, question when necessary, and advocate for change when applicable. Nurses are the last line of defense in medical errors.  This responsibility should not be taken lightly and a conscious continuous effort should be made to apply evidence-based practice when providing care to patients.  Patient safety should be the number one priority in any health care and to any given healthcare provider as we have all taken an oath to above all not do any harm to our patients.       

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