screen culture analysis essay

Students will complete a 2-3 page analysis essay (MLA format) of various communication concepts in a TV show episode or short film of their choice. The show/film chosen should be between 10 minutes to 1 hour in length. Students should provide an overview of the show/film and characters chosen. Give a summary of the show and its plot as well as the perception the audience might have of the characters chosen. (You choose the show and the 2 characters)

Paragraph 1-3:

  • Overview of the show and the character(s)’ role in it
  • Thesis Statement (answering whether or not you think this character is an effective communicator based on your analysis)
  • Perception of the character (from the audience perspective and from the perspective of other characters)
  • Describe the character(s)’ self-concept (appearance, personality traits, roles, belief systems, values etc.)
  • What are the character(s)’ communication goals?

Paragraph 4:

  • Describe the main relationship for this character that you will analyze
  • Is this a complementary or symmetrical relationship? Why?
  • What kind of attachment style do these characters have? Why?

Paragraph 5:

  • How did these characters become close to one another?
  • Describe the characters self-disclosure. What did they reveal about themselves and why? (You may use either the Johari window or the social penetration model.)

Paragraph 6:

  • Describe any dialectic tensions that the characters in this relationship have to manage. How do they deal with the tension? Do you think the way they handle it is successful?

Paragraph 7:

  • Describe the character(s)’ nonverbal communication style. How do they utilize (or fail to utilize) kinesics, paralanguage, proxemics, haptics, chronemics, and artifacts? Is it effective for their communication goals?

Paragraph 8:

  • Describe the character(s)’ conflict management style. How is this style shown? (It would help to use a specific example/conflict here. Is the style used effective for their communication goals?

Paragraph 9-10:

  • Summarize your analysis of the character(s). Re-state your thesis (whether or not you believe them to be effective communicators and why). Describe your suggestions for ways the character can adapt their communication to be more positive and effective overall.
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