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ESPN Wakeboarding Competition

Itaewon Water Sports Complex (WSC) is a world class water park located in Seoul, Korea with an ideal wakeboarding venue. You are responsible for securing a wakeboarding venue there for an upcoming ESPN wakeboarding competition as part of a larger action sports competition in Seoul.

You have successfully contacted the Itaewon WSC well in advance of the event and are in the final stages of the permitting process with the venue. However, one week prior to the event, you still do not have a formal permit letter from the WSC because you have not been able to supply a final list of athletes. You are not terribly worried, though, because all communication has gone smoothly with the venue and you have been verbally guaranteed that the venue is yours for the time and date you need it. Five days prior to the event you finally obtain a formal list of athletes from the wakeboarding organizing committee and are now able to finalize the permit with the WSC. You proceed down to the WSC to meet with the venue director, Mr. Lee.

Upon reviewing the list of athletes Mr. Lee notices one name that stands out. Bill Kim once worked for Mr. Lee but was fired one year ago for “on the job negligence” and “theft” at the WSC. After being fired he was warned to never come back to the WSC. Bill is one of your top competitors for this wakeboard competition and has been guaranteed a spot to compete. Mr. Lee stands firm on his decision. If Bill Kim competes, you will not have a venue for this event. The clock is ticking and there is virtually no chance to postpone the event and look for another venue.


  1. What should you do next? How can you negotiate a resolution to this problem?

  1. What factors should you consider? What style of negotiations do you use (think dual concerns here)?

  1. What is your strategy? Do you have a BATNA?

  1. What can you offer to both the venue director and to Bill Kim in order to rectify this situation?

  1. Explain what lessons can be learned and applied to negotiations from these examples?

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