select a book to review and write a 2 3 page book review apa


This Book Review assignment provides the student with an opportunity to explore additional perspectives on management and Strategyoutside of the assigned textbook, thus broadening their understanding of Strategic Management in both and how principles are applied in the real business world.

The following four books are selected to support this learning goal. Each student is required to choose one to read and write a review on.

  • Delivering Happiness-A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, by Tony Hsieh.
    In Delivering Happiness, Zappos CEO and founder shares the different lessons he has learned in business and life. The book shows what it takes to start and grow a successful business and demonstrates that many successful companies go through to achieve. The book provides insights into how strategy, leadership, and a culture blend together to form a great company. Zappos became part of Amazon when Tony sold the company for 41.2 billion while maintaining day-to-day management control.
  • Small Giants-Companies that Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, by Bo Burlingham.
    This book provides insights into companies that chose to manage their growth so as not to negatively affect their strategy of being the best in their industry. A variety of companies in different sectors are profiled in the book, which presents an interesting perspective on strategy.
  • How the Mighty Fall-and Why Some Never Give In, by Jim Collins. In this book, Jim Collins, with very in-depth research on many companies that have failed, explains the five stages that companies go through in the path to eventual failure, and why it happens to even the best companies. The book provides insights into how company failure can be prevented as well.
  • The Five Most Important Questions-You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization by Peter Drucker et al. The late Peter Drucker is known as one of the best thinkers and writers in the field of general management, and began thinking and working with companies on strategy long before Michael Porter. If anyone is interested in either starting their own business or evaluating whether a company is worth working for, they will gain much insight from this book.

The Assignment:

  • Select one of the four books to read. They are all available at the ASU book store or on Amazon.
  • Write a 2-3 report– covering the following:
    a. an INTRODUCTION (a statement of the purpose of the report and what will be included)

b. A SUMMARY of the book (what is the purpose of the book, how is the subject covered, and what are the key points in the book)

c. IDENTIFY three things that you learned from reading the book that you did not previously know about strategy or management. Explain each one and discuss why each one is important to understand as a manager (how will each one help to be a better manager?) How can a manager use each one to become a more effective manager?

d. SUMMARY and CONCLUSIONS-a summary of the key points of the paper and your conclusions from reading the book (one or two paragraphs).

The paper should have a cover page. This paper does not require additional outside references except for a reference page for this book. An abstract is also not required. All other APA format requirements must be met. Headings should be used for each of the sections of the report, including one for each of the three key learnings from the book. See Guidelines for Written Assignments posted on Blackboard for further details on written assignments.

Submit the report as an Assignment on Blackboard by the due date.

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