siemens wind division analysis assignment

assume that you are working for Siemens Wind Power Division, as a Division HR Business Partner. The Corporate HR department has asked all divisions to assist in a company-wide workforce analysis project with the goal of understanding the supply and demand issues related to filling certain Critical Talent Roles, including recommending if prior historical trends are suitable for predicting future supply and demand needs.

Create an Executive Summary (max 5 pages) to summarize the current and future workforce needs as well as recommendations for solution implementation strategies. In doing so, incorporate Siemens examples, data, and analysis as well as external research on the specific jobs/profiles (e.g., O*net, BLS) as well as the industry or job sector.

Considerations for your summary:

  • Background: highlight any relevant strategic and business objectives for workforce needs
  • Current State:
    • Current market dynamics for workforce
    • Feasibility of using historical trends
    • Current staffing trends (e.g., turnover, retirement, mobility, recruiting)
    • Internal supply of required skills and role(s)
    • Any competitive factors
    • Competitive factors or issues for skills/role(s)
    • Geography (location of skill/need) and timing (seasonality)
    • Critical v. important role(s)
  • Future state:
    • Future demand for skills and role(s) across sectors
    • Forecasted need/expected headcount requirements for skills/role(s)
      • Remember talent moves up, down and across
        • Consider P/T to F/T or F/T to P/T
        • Consider actual job content, not just classification
    • Net gap and needs
  • Recommendations:
    • Your suggestions for opportunities for staffing and recruiting
    • Programs for Siemens to develop or expand to fill gap
    • Ensure recommendation is in a context of the business strategy (i.e., does the recommendation support the strategy?)

See attached case for details.

Submit a written paper as a Word document

Document should include a maximum of 5 pages, plus a page for reference/citations page

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