social problems need to submit before midnight tonight

Week 1 Discussion

Identifying Social Problems in Our Lives

The sociological imagination is used by sociologists to make connections between individual life experiences and wider social patterns. That is, many of the things you experience are also experienced by others in our social world. Take for example, why you are a community college student? You will likely find many of the reasons why you are in community college are similar to others. Moreover, these aren’t just individual choices, but products of social characteristics.

Due Thursday evening by Midnight (5pts): Post a picture about a college-related social problem that affects you as a student. In the text box, post a paragraph explaining your photo.

Due Sunday evening by Midnight (5pts): Reply to 2 of your fellow classmates discussing how a structure, an inequality, or a symbolic representation contributes to fostering or reducing the social problem.

A well constructed reply will include at least four grammatically correct and thoughtful sentences (with proper citations as needed) that do not include summaries but rather contribute original thought to the discussion and learning. If you reference sources (it is recommended when appropriate but not mandatory to include a reference) or include any information from sources such as the textbook, videos, or websites, please cite using the ASA short citation format or you will face point deductions: http :// (链接到外部网站。).

If you are unsure if you have properly cited the resource, you can email me 48 hours before the assignment is due and I will give you feedback. You can also check TurnIt In for flagged context. Here is an example of how to cite properly (Note ASA is slightly different from APA):

In my opinion, poverty rates are high because of limited employment opportunities. “Poverty in the United States is measured based on relative living rather than absolute conditions (Gibbons, and Jones)” (Open Stax 2015, p. 25). According to Open Stax (2015), there are different ways to measure poverty, and the most popular measurement is relative poverty. I believe subjective poverty might give us an unrealistic measurement of poverty and this seems to also be supported by Open Stax (2015) in that relative poverty is a more valid measurement in the United States.

As you can see by the above example, an ASA citation includes the author(s) of the source (Open Stax), the copyright year (2015), and if it is a direct quotation, the page number which information can be found by the reader. If you are summarizing the thought in your own words you do not have to list the page number. Also note that one period is always placed after the citation parenthesis and not before (e.g. “.). When copying word for word from a source, you are required to place information in “quotation marks” otherwise not doing so is defined as plagiarism.

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