Write the program as given in the text and confirm that the program runs correctly. Then save a copy of the program and use that program during the following error testing. You are supposed to introduce errors in the code, one by one. For each error introduced, save and run the program, and comment how well Python’s response corresponds to the actual error. When you are finished with one error, re-set the
program to correct behavior (and check that it works!) before moving on to the next error.
a) Change the first line from def y(t): to def y(t), i.e., remove the colon.
b) Remove the indent in front of the statement v0 = 5 inside the function y, i.e., shift the text four spaces to the left.

c) Now let the statement v0 = 5 inside the function y have an indent of three spaces (while the remaining two lines of the function have four).
d) Remove the left parenthesis in the first statement def y(t):
e) Change the first line of the function definition from def y(t): to def y():, i.e., remove the parameter t.
f) Change the first occurrence of the statement print y(time) to print y(). Filename:

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