Wearable workout data, in my opinion, could be valuable in situations like Compton’s. While data from health monitoring cameras is critical for human survival, it may be subject to confidentiality restrictions if it reveals illegal or dishonest activity. Furthermore, privacy must take precedence above fairness in legislation. In my perspective, personal information is used to uncover any criminal activity.

If a database reveals familial ties to someone who is involved in improper acts or fraudulent, those ties must be identified for accessing and monitoring. The use of family decision treebanks to aid in the development of unlawful or deceptive operations, as well as the identification of the culprit, is permissible. While these methods jeopardise people’s safety and confidentiality, they aid in the detection of offenders. As a result, I feel that family members’ personal information should be handled with care.

In the COVID-19 environment in which we all live, contact tracing has been found to be effective in identifying and testing predicted positive patients. While mobile service carriers may periodically obtain information about customers’ whereabouts or vicinity to products without their knowledge, this has proven to be an incredibly effective method of obtaining mails for Covid-19 positive events in this situation.

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