A manufacturer of chemicals has committed the following torts.

Tort 1 – The manufacturer left an uncovered pool of lethal chemical near a broken down fence. Young children broke through the fence and were killed by exposure to the chemical.

Tort 2 – The manufacturer deposited large quantities of stones and soil on the land of a neighbouring manufacturer.

Tort 3 – The manufacturer’s premises emitted noxious fumes which caused injury to a local farmer’s sheep.

Tort 4 – One of the manufacturer’s lorry drivers spilt oil on a main road, whilst driving badly, causing a car following behind to crash.

Tort 5 – Several barrels of highly toxic chemicals rolled downhill out of the manufacturer’s premises and onto a farmer’s field, causing damage to crops.

Tort 6 – The manufacturer blocked the highway leading to a remote farm so that the farmer was unable to deliver his milk to his main customer.

Decide which tort has been committed in each case and outline the essential requirements of the torts in question. (You may need to look at the torts covered in the previous chapter.)

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