The premises of Bodgit Ltd are often in a dangerous state. Last week, two people were injured while on the premises. Edward, an accountant employed by Bodgit Ltd, broke his elbow when he slipped on an oil spillage on some stairs. The oil had been spilt on the stairs four hours earlier. No orders to clear the spillage had been given, although all employees had been warned to take care while using the stairs. Francine, who is 7 years old, was injured while playing on partially completed buildings which are standing on Bodgit Ltd’s premises. A friend of hers pushed her over and she fell into an exposed barrel of preservative chemical. The chemical caused severe injuries to Francine’s skin. The managing director of Bodgit Ltd knew that children had been breaking in and playing on the building site. Last week he had put up a prominent sign, which read: ‘NOTICE. WARNING TO PARENTS. THIS SITE CONTAINS HAZARDOUS BUILDINGS AND DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES. KEEP OUT.’ Advise Bodgit Ltd of any liability they might have to Edward or Francine.

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