Sid, who has owned and run a bicycle shop for many years, has decided to retire. Bryony intends to open a bicycle shop shortly. Sid invites Bryony to his shop to see if she wants to buy any of his stock. Bryony visits Sid’s shop on Monday and agrees to buy the following things.

(a) A Super Deluxe Velocipede Mark 2 bicycle, which Sid is repairing. Sid agrees that he will finish the repairs within two days and that this bicycle will then be available for collection by Bryony.

(b) All the paraffin stored in Sid’s tank, at a price of £1 a litre. It is not known how much paraffin is in the tank and Sid is to measure the paraffin to discover the price which Bryony must pay.

(c) Three of the six Velocipede Mark 1 bicycles which are stored in Sid’s basement.

(d) Sid’s computer, on which he keeps track of all his business dealings.

(e) A tricycle, which Bryony is to test ride. If Bryony likes the tricycle she will let Sid know and she will then buy it. If she does not like the tricycle she will return it within two weeks.

Bryony does not take any of the goods with her, except for the tricycle. On Monday night Sid’s shop is burnt down by a stray firework and all of the contents of the shop are destroyed. Advise Bryony, who has decided that she does not want to buy the tricycle, of her legal position.

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