Anne, a self-employed manager of sporting celebrities, agrees to become the manager of Paul Putter, a promising professional boxer. Anne is to arrange bouts for Paul and also to look after his financial affairs. The agreement is for a fixed five-year period, and entitles Anne to an annual fee and 10 per cent commission on all of Paul’s earnings.
Fifteen months into the agreement, Paul has become increasingly dissatisfied with Anne’s services and would like to be managed by Alice. Advise Paul on the consequences of his ending the contract with Anne, and whether or not Anne could prevent him from employing Alice as his manager.
Explain also how Paul’s withdrawal of consent for Anne to act as his agent would affect Anne’s ability to make contracts between Paul and third parties.
How would your answer be different if Paul had been a painter, rather than a boxer, and Anne had been employed to negotiate the sale of his paintings under a contract for an indefinite period?

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