Multiple customers commented on their preference for the trader Joe’s experience. Stating that if they go somewhere else, their grocery experience would be different. This observation demonstrates the service marketing characteristic of _______?




Package design was mentioned several times during the video. Repeated observations talked about the use of language and graphics on products which complemented the overall look of the Trader Joe’s stores. How would this fit into the conversation about packing and labeling?

A. The packing strategy fits in well with the company sales promotion plans

B. Trader Joe’s packaging strategy focuses on the protection of its products

C. The packaging language and graphics serve to promote the Trade Joe’s brand

Trader Joe’s understands that some of its customers who are price sensitive, the store offers better prices on its merchandise than the prices associated with the national brands offered by the big box stores. This pursuit of lower price demonstrates that behavior is associated with______?

A.Speciality products

B. Shopping products

C. Unsought products

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