KUALA LUMPUR: An ex-personal manager of actor and comedian Zizan Razak won her case against him at the High Court here Tuesday, for breach of contract. Judicial commissioner Datuk Roslan Abu Bakar in allowing Marina Juki’s appeal to quash a judgement made in favour of Zizan or Mohd Razizan Ab Razak by the Sessions Court on April 4, also ordered the defendant to pay RM10,000 costs. Marina’s counsel Harjit Singh Sandhu told reporters, the court concurred that she was entitled to a 15 percent commission on income eamed by Zizan, 32, throughout their four-year contract. Marina and Zizan, who was represented by counsel Rishwant Singh were not present during the proceeding Harjit said the high court also dismissed Zivan’s appeal against the Sessions Court’s decision to reject his counter claim against Marina. On Nov 5, 2014, Marina sued Zizan claiming that he had breached the agreement he had signed with her and a company, Wire Fame on May 3. 2011. She claimed that based on the contract, Zizan agreed to appoint her as a personal manager for four year until May 2, 2015. In her statement of claim, Marina said in May 2014, Astro confirmed that Zizan had come under its management through a contract worth RM2,000,000, which was made without her and Wire Fame’s consent Marina alleged that Zizan had breached their agreement by moving to Astro before the expiry of their contract, which caused her to lose 15 percent in commission from his income from May 2014 to the day he signed the new contract. She sought special damages of RM535,500. general damages, interest, costs and other relief deemed fit by the court. Another suit filed by Marina against Zizan on Sept 30, 2014 for allegedly freezing two accounts belonging to Wire Fame was dismissed by the high court on Feb 10. 2015, on the defendant’s application. – Bernama

QUESTION: (a) Assume that Zizan las signed a contract with Cergas Film Production for a new filin called “Zombie Kampung Pisang: The Conclusion”. In the contract, Zizan has to appear in the shooting set four times monthly. Zizan missed of two shooting due to his illness. Cergas Film Production wanted to sue Zizan, and explain how can Zizan succeed in his absence?

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