Who would you hire? Worldwide manufacturing has just weathered intense scrutiny after it was investigated and fined for violations of improper chemical storage and waste disposal. Worldwide is a special order manufacturer that makes plastic products in whatever shapes and sizes the customer specifies. In order to put things right you have been promoted to be the firm’s compliance manager. You are looking to hire new members to the compliance department. You have short listed two resumes- Aarya Song- She grew up on military bases and joined the military after completing high school. Over a 15 years career she worked with base operations managers on a team that handled everything needed for running a base. Aarya worked in supply chain management both in procurement and disposal, facilities planning, inventory management and even in operations planning for setting up new bases. All these positions require great organization and time management skills. In addition she had to ensure that everything was according to regulation and followed local regulations as well. While serving in the military Arya earned a Bachelor’s degree in logistics and later an MBA. After leaving the Military with highest honors she worked as a transportation manager. After talking on the phone you have learned that she is looking for a new job which will provide new challenges. During the onsite interview Arya excitedly chatted on how Worldwide could ensure compliance and also shared how they could start building interorganizational teams to ensure countrywide compliance which you found impressive. Your only concern is that she seems very direct and no nonsense, while a zero nonsense stance is needed for policy regulation but it may be too rigid for the organization’s existing culture. Francis Simone Francis grew up in an Industrial city and began working in manufacturing while in high school at a plant that made various rubber based components for automobile assembly .After attending a regional university to learn about engineering for product design ,Francis started working as a designer for a firm that designed and manufactured toys. However Francis was better at helping the men and women on the manufacturing floor fix the problems that arose with making the first batches of new toys. After a few moderately successful products Francis was promoted to production manager because of the skills he demonstrated on the shop floor. Three years later Francis started working on an MBA and ended up taking a materials manager position with a construction firm. It was very important in this position that all materials were to code and Francis took this responsibility very seriously. Five years later he took a position of a work site inspector. Francis is getting married and wants to move to the city of worldwide and has applied for the compliance manager position. When you spoke on the phone Francis seemed practical yet reserved. He relies more on Instinct than on evidence to make decisions. However your concern is that Francis may not be firm as a manager as he has very little direct management of teams or departments. So now you have a choice-Simone or Song? Q1. Identify the personality traits of each candidate according to the Myers – Briggs type indicator
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