Satvinder is a keen ballroom dancer and often stays at the Dance Hotel. A prominently displayed notice at the entrance to the Dance Hotel states that: ‘All hotel guests are warned that the management cannot be held responsible for the loss of items left in hotel rooms.’ Satvinder leaves her handbag in her room while she goes dancing. When she returns she finds that her handbag has been stolen. A chambermaid opened Satvinder’s room but then forgot to lock it. An opportunistic thief then slipped into the room and stole the handbag. Advise Satvinder of her legal position. Explain the protection which the requirement of satisfactory quality, set out in Sale of Goods Act 1979 s. 14(2), gives to buyers of goods. Explain also the remedies available to a buyer of goods if s. 14(2) is breached.

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