Janice, who owns a garden centre, agreed to buy a second-hand tractor from Gerald, a farmer, for £6,500. Janice also agreed to buy 100 sacks of King Edward seed potatoes from Giles, another farmer. Gerald delivered the tractor to Janice. Eighteen months later the police took the tractor away from Janice, explaining that it had been stolen from Oswald two years ago. Gerald had bought the tractor at an auction and had no idea that it was stolen. At the time when the police took the tractor away it was worth about £2,000 as Janice had used it very extensively. The seed potatoes which Giles delivered were Maris Piper, not King Edwards. Janice was not very bothered about this, as she thought that customers were as likely to buy Maris Piper seed potatoes as they were to buy King Edwards. However, the day after the seed potatoes were delivered, Janice saw a documentary on the television saying that Maris Piper potatoes had been linked to a certain type of cancer. In the light of the documentary Janice does not think that she will be able to sell any of the potatoes once they have been grown. Advise Janice of her legal position as regards both Gerald and Giles.

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