An analysis of sites for a distribution center has led to two possible sites (L1 and L2 on the map). The sites are comparable on every key factor. The one remaining factor is the center of gravity. Use the center of gravity method to select the better site. Use the rectilinear distance metric and the coordinates (2.6, 2.4) for Li’s location and (3.5. 2.5) for L2’s location. Monthly shipments will be the quantities listed in the table. Referencing the graph below, all destination locations occur at whole number x and y coordinates. (Round your answers to 2 decimal places.) Y D2 4- D5 3 L2 L1 D1 04 2 1 D3 o 2 3 4
ytical Activities i Saved D3 0 1 2 3 ? 5 Center of Gravity Destination Quantity D1 900 D2 300 D3 700 D4 600 D5 1200 y Better Location: (Click to select)
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