The audience I am trying to appeal towards would be majority shareholders within my financial institution. The reason for this stems mostly from the fact that what I am trying to solve requires a cultural change rather than a quick fix or something that the company can easily see benefits from. The shareholders bear all of the risks for the change I am trying to implement because it directly affects the bank’s performance. My proposed solution is to abandon a proven method of generating a smaller amount of profit and instead focus on fixed monthly service fees that are retained for customers’ overdrafts and still belong to the customer if they choose to leave the bank. That way customers can see the value that instead of throwing money away they are actually saving it in case of an emergency. How I would need to position this to majority shareholders however is that it secures additional funds for lending which generates significantly more profit than fee-based earnings.

In my scenario, my key player is also my giant roadblock and I need to demonstrate a greater area of profit the bank can profit off of rather than all of the other benefits it may yield. I need to demonstrate hard numbers in order to gain the understanding and approval of these key players.


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