It is very important to consider who will be receiving any message that is to be delivered. For my project, the main receivers of my message would be my higher ups and the legislators. My project involves changing processes to allow for a paperless filing system and also allowing for the person in said position to work remotely. The biggest hurdle I face in delivering the message is convincing the decision makers that the upfront costs associated with the project will ultimately be worth it. There are also procedural changes that the legislator will need to approve. Therefore, I will need to make certain I have all the relevant information readily available to answer any questions they might have. This will also be necessary when trying to convince the “higher ups” that this change is necessary and beneficial for the overall customer and employee experience. The delivery of my message should first and foremost, be in a professional manner. I will conduct plenty of research beforehand in an attempt to assume what questions might come up


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