Theodore Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, pleaded guilty to killing three people and wounding twenty-three others using handmade bombs over a seventeen-year crime spree. Sentenced to life without possibility of parole, Kaczynski is in “Super Max,” the Colorado federal prison designed to house “the worst of the worst.” In a cell larger than his former cabin in the mountains, Kaczynski enjoys a shower, a commode, an electric lamp, a concrete desk and stool, a cigarette lighter, and a thirteen-inch television. He can order books, including novels. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are delivered to his cell, and he makes limited selections from a menu. Freshly laundered clothing and bedding arrive three times a week. Although he can write to his heart’s content and receive five visitors per month, Kaczynski is isolated from other prisoners. a. Do you think Ted Kaczynski was wise to plea-bargain for a life sentence rather than to face the risk of a death penalty from the jury? b. Do you think the attorney general was equally wise to offer the bargain? c. What changes, if any, would you recommend be made to the prison lifestyle?


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