x RESIRE WD D For questions / through 30, choose the correct word. Write only the letter. A. address (V) B. arson C. beef D. behavior F. commit G. conflicted H. crash I damsel K. disparage L. euthanize N. frown P. intense Q. introverted R. irreplaceable S. league U. narc V. nuclear W. parasite X. piety Z. silent AA. subvert BB.surveillance CC.suspend 1. By talking back to his coach, the player was Ling the coach’s authority M. flop E. benefit (n) J. detain O homicide T. motive Y. previously DD. term 2. If you aren’t on speaking s with someone, that basically means you’re not speaking to each other. 3. A(n) family consists of parents and their children. 4. The stray dog bit a boy so it needs to be put down. The dog will be ed this afternoon. 5. Face it. Your crush will never date you because she’s so smart, pretty, and popular. She’s out of your 6. This mental patient has tried to kill himself twice already so he has been put under careful 7. The NBA player was ed by the NBA for fighting. As a result, he cannot play for five games.
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