Covid-19 has a very big impact on the global economy, especially the service industry, such as the hospitality industry, the logistics industry, and the restaurant industry. Your assignment is to select a service company (e.g. it can be hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, fitness clubs, logistics, etc.) you are familiar with in your own country, analyze the difficulties that the service company is facing in the context of COVID-19 and develop marketing strategies for this company. I. Diagnosis a. Perform the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) for the service company; b. Identify the main impact of COVID-19 on this company, i.e. what are the main problems faced by this company during COVID-19? c. Provide solutions to help the company solve their problems using the expanded marketing mix of services (i.e., 7Ps—Product and services, Pricing, Place, Promotion, People, Physical environment, Process); d. How to boost customer demand, manage customer relationships and build loyalty to reduce the loss of customers in the context of COVID-19? Note: You need to analyze each of the items above (i.e. where do they do well and where do they do poorly? Please explain why). II. Recommendations a. For all the items in (Diagnosis section), please provide your analysis, well written applicable and effective recommendations/suggestions (i.e. new marketing strategies, etc) and make sure you support your arguments/reasons logically. b. Develop a specific marketing strategy for this company that includes the expanded 7Ps marketing mix of services.
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