Dashboards are a project management tool that executives favor because of all the following reasons except for which one?

Question 1 options:

They are usually updated in real time.

They illustrate the connection between project workers and productivity.

They visually depict the progress of the project.

They are easy to read.

In Agile project management, this meeting is where team members choose items from the backlog list to work on in the upcoming time-bound period of work.

Question 2 options:

Sprint planning meeting

Retrospective meeting

Scrum meeting

Backlog planning meeting


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From the list below, select a reason that would bring about project starvation.

Question 3 options:

The customer cancels or curtails the order.

A key resource quits.

Other projects come about that take precedence.

There is a reduction to the project budget.

All of the above

This chart is used to display the remaining work effort for the sprint. It shows the time period on the horizontal axis and the backlog items on the vertical axis. Team members update this chart at the end of each day.

Question 4 options:

Run chart


Burn-down chart

Gantt chart

Why is documenting the formal acceptance of a project’s deliverables important? Select two reasons.

Question 5 options:

Illustrates that the project team effectively worked together

Signals the official closure of the project

Frees up the project team members

Serves as proof the project completed satisfactorily

When the project is at a stage where the PM is analyzing project performance to identify variances from the project plan, what process group is it in?

Question 6 options:






You are the PM who has navigated your project team members through to the successful completion of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software deployment project. With the project in place, the company has successfully implemented an enterprise-wide platform for managing corporate finances, procurement, human resources, fulfillment, and so forth. Now that the project is done, many of your project team members will become employees of the department responsible for managing the ERP. What is this project closure element called?

Question 7 options:





After a sprint has concluded, this meeting is held to determine overall progress, discuss the work that was completed, the work that was planned and not completed, and what work needs to carry over to the next sprint.

Question 8 options:

Scrum meeting

Retrospective meeting

Sprint planning meeting

Backlog planning meeting

Why is a Pareto diagram useful? Select two reasons from the list below.

Question 9 options:

It displays the relative importance of the defects.

It spots certain defects and ignores others.

It displays the cause-and-effect of the defects.

Choose two options that occur after project sign-off is obtained.

Question 10 options:

Starts the warranty period

Transfers ownership of the deliverables to operations and maintenance

Frees the PM up to work on other projects

Archival of project documents

It displays the frequency of occurrence of the defects over time

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