An accounting firm is evaluating two prospective candidates to select the most suitable person for the job. The company believes that strong Person job fit is a precursor to selection of the candidate. Key job characteristics include: carefully auditing the accounts of two high value listed companies, following the logics and rules in auditing, remaining rational and firm while submitting the audit reports and meticulously planning before conducting the audits. Select the suitable candidate in the below mentioned situations:

a. The first candidate is John, his personality type is ENFP. And second candidate is Joseph, his personality type is ESTJ. Who would be the most suitable candidate and why?

b. The first candidate is Mohit, he is an introvert, is high on openness, high on agreeableness, low on consciousness and high on emotional stability. The second candidate is extrovert, is low on openness, moderate on agreeableness, hugh on consciousness and moderate on emotional stability. Who would be the most suitable candidate and why?

c. If lot of candidates were available to choose from, which would be the most suitable personality type according to MBTI and Big 5? Give reason for your answer.

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