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Read the following case and do the tasks below
Suppose you are recently appointed as a manager for Al Afia clinic in AL Buraimi, and the clinic is not doing well at the moment due to many problems. You need to borrow some money from Bank Muscat and you know that they will ask you for SWOT analysis and a brief report to convince them that you know what you are doing Use the following facts in your analysis:


– The Clinic location is very close to Al Buraimi Mall

– One major clinic in Buraimi down town will leave the industry

– 20% annual growth in the market by 2022.

– Spacious empty land is owned by the clinic.

– Labor laws are flexible in regard to recruiting foreign workforce.

– 5% reduction in training cost by 202

– There is a new shopping centers is being built next to the clinic

– Covid-19 is expected to continue for the few coming years.

— A five-star hotel is being built next to the clinic

– Your current customers complain that is always difficult to find a taxi by the clinic

– The clinic medical machines are very old

– Inadequate car park

– Most of you customer service staff members are weak in English language and communication skills.

Based on the facts listed above and information collected by you related to health care industry in Al Buraimi region, you are required do the following.

Task 1: Apply porter five forces model to your clinic
Remember that this model was devised by Michael Porter to describe forces that shape competition within an industry and help to identify strategic opportunities and threats. The stronger each of these forces is, the more established companies are limited in their ability to raise prices and earn greater profits. A strong competitive force is a threat because it depresses profits. A weak competitive force is an opportunity because it allows the company to earn greater returns.
For each force, state the level of the threat (High, Moderate, or Low) and justify your answer. Use the facts provided and the rest you can make up using your imagination.

Task 2: Sort the above facts into strengths, weakness opportunities or threats.

Task 3: Prepare a SWOT Matrix to generate alternative strategies (suggest, at least 3 strategies to help improve the situation of your clinic

Task 4: What are the necessary actions are required to effectively implement the proposed strategies for Al Afia clinic. Explain any two requirements.

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