It is a request that only expert in business analysis should answer this question to avoid disappointment. it is a case study and following is the scenario:-

The Ceo of your company appointed and assigned you as the lead business analyst for a very high-stake project at china university, based on your past experience with the university. This project is an institution re-engineering project that will affect the overall organization.

The university president, Mr. grey is very interested in the success of this project, because it is expected to bring the institution closer to “Decolonial Indigenization,” as outlined in the article: Indigenization as inclusion, reconciliation, and decolonization: navigating the different visions for indigenizing the Canadian Academy.

The project is in the planning phase and your task is to develop a stakeholder engagement approach for the project.

On your first day into the project, the PM emailed you the project charter, the below stakeholder analysis chart, and the stakeholder list. While reviewing the stakeholders list, you discovered that Mrs. Paul, Mr. Kevin, and Mr. Ford are part of the key stakeholders for the project, and based on your past project experience with them, you anticipate some level of difficulty from them.

You are required to develop a stakeholder engagement approach to help get buy-ins and keep the identified stakeholders engaged during the project. Consider the collaboration expectations for each stakeholder and their communication needs. Ensure you provide explanations for your reasoning for your chosen methods.

Your stakeholder engagement plan should be organized within a table that is clear, has logical sequencing, and has minimal spelling and grammar mistakes.

Please explain as per following rubric.

Need expaination for following

points to take care whie developing answer

Stakeholder Attitude

Plan accurately states each stakeholder’s attitude towards the project from the given chart.

Define Stakeholder Collaboration

Plan clearly states a defined time and frequency of collaboration for each stakeholder group, and states the delivery method and also provides thorough and interesting reasons for the stated points.

Stakeholder Communication Needs

Plan clearly defines the communication needs for each stakeholder group and provides thorough and interesting reasons for the stated points.

Presentation and Summary

Plan is well organized and demonstrates logical sequencing and clear thoughts. There are few spelling and grammar errors.

Stakeholder Name


Mr. Grey

University President

Mrs. Paul

University Project Management Office (PMO) President

Ms. Cook

Project Manager

Mr. Kevin

Leader, Non-Indigenous Community

Mr. Ford

Leader, Indigenous Community


Faculty Member

Mr. Good

Indigenous Community Member

Betty Red

Non-Indigenous Community Member

Best Ottawa

Student Union Rep for Indigenous

Paul James

Student Union Rep for Non-Indigenous

Mr. Rondeau


Brian Fun

Support staff

Joe Jones

Support staff

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