Company’s code of ethics:


(About the company code of ethics & its importance for the company and the stakeholders).

•The Addresses:

(Parties adhereinderogably to this Code of Ethics)

•Fundamental ethical values of the company:•The roles of conducting the company’s code of ethics:-For company’s personnel:-For managing relationships with company’sPublic Officials and Public Service Officers:-Relations with suppliers:-Participation in tenders:-Relations with customers:-Diligence in the use of Company goods and resources:-Diligence in performance of duties:-Confidentiality:-Prohibition of disclosure and use of price-sensitive information:-Management of ICT systems and use of digital data:-Management of disputes and arbitration:-Management of environmental initiatives and environmental respect:-Occupational health and safety:-Measures to combat handling and laundering:-Fulfillment of requirements relating to accounting records:-Corruption among private individuals:-Rules of conduct for third-party addressees:

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