Creat Brochure
Read the Paragraph and Creat Brochure

“Get a professional at your door app” proposal.
2- The Product Concept
a) With my plan I would like to develop an application that would coordinate between
professionals of different sectors and cover a varied portfolio of services like home and office
maintenance services such as cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, AC repair, repairing electrical
fixtures, fixing vehicles, etc. Appointments can be booked, and payment made online on its
b) To enhance services, I would reach out to local professionals and help them register on the
application free of cost, with their detailed information and average real-time quotes based on
customers’ inputs online. This would help me to run a background check on service
professionals, and help train them if required from other personnel who are willing to extend their
service. Online payments would get a cashback once their work is done satisfactorily and
customers can also pay in cash after the work is done.
c) To compete and provide a better user experience with ease we would segregate service
based on home/office / small scale industrial usage. To add to this we can provide customers
with an option to subscribe it on a periodical basis (like vehicle servicing, home cleaning, etc).
Again, if any user has subscribed but is not satisfied with the professional service, he/she can
raise a concern as to change professional / to cancel out a subscription for the remaining
months. Other additions will also be made as we would keep a dedicated section in the app itself
for customer suggestions and ideas.The main focus, however, would be to engage local
professionals to enhance their business and customers to get service with ease.
3- Audience Analysis
a) Prime target would be any customer with a valid service request.
b) The reason behind this target is to enhance and widen the services as much as possible so
that local professionals can deliver more and better service. Ex:- House cleaning service
requests can be required by anyone and any age group, similar case goes for electrical failures
or any other. We can also plan on adding restrictions to payments being made in case the
service requestor is a minor and would not have access to online payment modes/cash at home.
These payment requests can be made by adding the amount to the wallet prior. But, extensive
development and research need to be done to implement this in the process.
4- Name and Tagline
a) Name – ServiceIva
b) Tagline – Experience finesse
Promotion Strategy –
a) Promotion strategies would include first service free, coupons, loyal customer membership,
and discounts. Money bak guarantees, conducting social drives like cleaning our locality and
inviting customers to work together for a cause, meet each other and share ideas. Referral
programs, placing cards and banners near shops of local professionals so that any customer
visiting the store physically can take a note and avail them at home in case of any emergency.

b) These strategies would be effective as the target audience and the professionals would be
situated in a closer range (let’s say in a particular zone). Ex – Instead of going out to and
searching for a shop to repair their vehicle they can search in the app and book where the
service will be provided by the same professionals at home. Again, instead of paying X amount
at the shop if a customer gets the same service from the professionals at a lesser price at home
that would attract both. The benefit of professionals would be – In the current market, the
competition has increased, this has resulted in the business booming of a few while others are at
loss. This can help others enhance their business also because when they would be idle, they
can visit any service requests placed online / via the app.

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