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SAP is one of the leading companies in its industry for a reason, it has many analytical capabilities and features that set it apart from its competitors; The higher level analytics capabilities provided by the SAP Analytics Cloud are supported by the SAP Digital Supply Chain Applications. A few of the capabilities that make SAP unique will be discussed in the coming paragraphs.

The Analytics Cloud keeps consistency between the shop floor and top floors of the supply chain, in other words, it provides Vertical Visibility. Keeping the enterprise and plant operations levels in alignment is a key objective for the application. This aids in, among other things, improving plant performance, or understanding how current performance KPIs influence the broader goals of the organization. Vertical integration provides a clear picture of the current and historical states of manufacturing and how they relate to the supply chain. (SAP)

SAPs analytics also provide horizontal visibility, which ensures that the data received is actionable. This capability makes it possible to link end users for the purpose of immediate tactical responses when issues come to rise. This also allows the linking of the real time output of manufacturers to the logistics team to coordinate load plans with production actuals. (SAP)

Intelligent profitability is also a key feature of SAPs analytic capabilities. Manufacturing, planning, and technical analysis all being within reach make possible the funding of operations proactively. This helps in reducing costs based on planned usage of capacities across the production environment and forecasted production volumes. Any deviations from planned production volumes are shown live in the same way historical losses are presented. (SAP)

After this, another capability is to turn forecasted losses into business opportunities. Areas that have the largest impact are identified and tools are applied to support improvements is a well-structured manner. (SAP)

Native integration with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower, advanced machine learning algorithms, and planning capabilities all make way for automated, tightly coordinated supply chain planning processes. (Abaco Consulting)

Other features include the SAP Extension Suite, which allows for the transformation of supply chain processes with live insights from the shop floor and applications, responds in a timely manner to business challenges, and takes on new opportunities with app development tools. SAP intelligent Robotic Process Automation optimizes and automates processes using prebuilt robotic automation bots. Finally, the SAP Conversational AI extends supply chain planning with Chatbots using machine learning algorithms. (Abaco Consulting)

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