Your task
You are required to write a 1500-word report in which you must analyse and evaluate the supply chain and logistics operations of the AlDI Australia business

– Your report should concentrate on providing valid information from your analysis. Consider the following dot points as your guide. The format of this assessment is in a report form.
• A brief history and scope of the business’s operations. (You have provided a comprehensive history of the business and its evolution, including its key achievements in its industry sector – the overview offers valuable insights into all the business’s markets and operational activities.)
• Characteristics of the business’s supply chain and logistics-related activities (Using a descriptive narrative and a supporting diagram to illustrate your findings).
• Analysis of any three (3) activities that the business is using to ensure the sustainability of its supply chain and different ways in which the business is influencing all elements of its supply chain to adopt sustainable practices.
• The business’s approach towards collaboration with its suppliers and logistics partners to ensure end-customer satisfaction with its products or services.

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