1. The Industrial Revolution (IR) is often credited as the result of new inventions in Britain. What is wrong with this interpretation that technology caused the IR?

  1. What are the key ingredients of State formation in the West?
  1. Why are these virtually the same for the factors launching the Industrial Revolution?
  2. Name two Economic Functions of a fully Modern State that do not exist in Empires or in Small tightly knit communities? (If we get to this. Stay tuned to your notes).

  1. Capitalism realized a huge push forward in the early period of state formation from 1250 to 1450. During the early phases of this population decreased, government grew and freedoms as we understand them today were in retreat.

Why in this era was capitalism associated with

  1. Much greater state power;
  2. Individual repression and declining standards of living for the average peasant?

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