Mr. Rakesh Agarwal was production manager for Ragaa’s Industries Pvt Limited; a Noida based electrical appliance company near Delhi. Mr. Agarwal had to approve the hiring of new supervisors in the plant. The Initial screening was Performed by the HR manager.
On Friday afternoon, Rakesh got a call from Narendar, Ragaa’s HR Director. “Rakesh” Narendar said, “I have just talked to a young engineering graduate from a regional engineering college who may be just who you are looking for to fill that supervisor job you asked me about. He has some good work experience in a multinational firm located in Pune. but at a lower salary level. He wants to come over to Noida where his parents live”. Rakesh replied, well, Mr. Narendarji. “I would takemultinational firm located in Pune. but at a lower salary level. He wants to come over to Noida where his parents live”. Rakesh replied. well. Mr. Narendarji. “I would take care of the boy”. Narendar continued. “He is here right now in my office. I am sending him to you. if you are free”. Rakesh hesitated a moment before replying. “Great Sir”. “I am certainly busy today but I can’t afford to displease you either. Sir. send him immediately.”
A moment later. Mr.Chethan Kumar, the new applicant arrived at Rakesh’s office and introduced himself. “Come in Mr. Chethan”, said rakesh. “I’ll be right with you after I make a few urgent phone calls.” Fifteen minutes later. Rakesh finished the calls and began interviewing Chethan. Rakesh was quite impressed. The merit certificates, the best suggestion award form previolus multinational firm and Chethan’s quick responses revealed the candidate’s potential. Meanwhile. Rakesh’s door opened and a supervisor yelled. “We have a small problem on line number 5 and need your help. “Sure”, Rakesh replied. “Excuse me a minute. Chethan.” Fifteen minutes later. Rakesh returned and the dialogue continued for another few minutes before a series of phone calls again interrupted him.of phone calls again interrupted him.
The same pattern of interruption continued for the next forty minutes. Chethan looked at the watch embarrassingly and said. “I am sorry. Rakesh. I have to go now. I have to catch the train to Pune at 9 P.M.
“Sure Chethan. Rakesh said as the phone rang again.” Call me after a week.
a) What specific policies might a company follow to avoid interviews like this one?b) Explain why Rakesh and not Narendar should make the selection decision. c) Is it good policy to pick up candidates through employee referral method’? Why? Or Why not? Explain keeping the case in the mind
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