In South Africa, all businesses are required to adhere to the Covid 19 protocols which include taking the temperature of all patrons using a contactless thermometer as a preventative measure. In the process of daily routine, you note that the temperature on display is consistent for all individuals that have entered you business premises, upon investigation of the thermometer you notice that the display is blurry and is no longer beeping when presenting temperature. You change the battery of the thermometer, beeping is restored but display remains blurred with consistent temperature output. You then log a fault with the thermometer with the business entity you serve. 4.1 You are required to create a FTA for a faulty thermometer (5) 4.2 How does the type and quantity of support equipment available affect spare and repair part requirement? (3) 4.3 How do the maintenance requirements for the support equipment affect prime equipment availability? (2) – 4 – LGE 401I October 2021 TURNOVER 4.4 Some spare parts equipment are considered to have high priority than others, what factors determine this priority? (3) 4.5 What steps would you pursue in determining the logistic support requirements for the retirement phase of the lifecycle? What methods/tools would you employ in this process.
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