How are the HIMSS and the corresponding TIGER Initiative competencies relevant to clinical professionals?

12-2 Since most, if not all, EHR vendors supply security software, why should providers be concerned with security issues?

12-3 While some entities are covered under HIPAA privacy and security, others are not. What risk does a non-covered entity pose to a healthcare provider?

12-4 What should providers consider in the use and storage of mental health records?

12-5 Does the requirement for accurate medical documentation change with new technology? If so, how?

12-6 List and define the different types of health IT introduced in the chapter. Based on use and functionality, do some types inherently have more legal and ethical risks? If so, how are the risks greater?

12-7 Other than privacy and security, what are other legal and ethical risks that are involved with the use of health IT?

12-8 The end of the chapter describes the “four principles approach” to healthcare ethics. In contemplating the scenario at the beginning of the chapter, how are each of the four principles either promoted or detracted?

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