Please answer each part in 400-500 words.

Mr. Eduljee, CEO of Euphrates Insurance has convened a meeting for all the CxOs to discuss the firm’s IT Strategy Roadmap. At this meeting Mr. Koshy, the CIO announced his intention to embark on an Application Modernization Program to update all of Euphrates’ Legacy Applications. In this regard, Mr. Koshy proposed to Outsource the Development and ongoing Maintenance & Support of these Applications to a 3 rd party IT Partner. Mr. Rayudu, the COO of the company is skeptical and asks if Mr. Koshy has considered all the issues involved. When Mr. Eduljee, asked him if he had specific concerns, Mr. Rayudu immediately said “I see two issues that need detailed discussion…

(1) How will we ensure a Smooth Transition and Implementation and (2) How will we maintain Confidentiality of Information?” How will Mr. Koshy respond to Mr. Rayudu’s queries.. on…

a. Smooth Transition and Implementation?

b. Confidentiality of Information?

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