Based on the research you conducted from research and findings, what target market does the company in question cater to. For example do they specialize in moving oil and gas products, forestry goods etc. Please provide me specific data on which market the company in question caters to. 4.) From your research, please discuss the transportation management systems (Software) the company in questions uses to manage their day to day business. You can be creative here and call the company in question, tell them you are working on a school assignment and they may be able to provide you with basic info. If possible provide me the name and do your own research on the specific systems they use and provide me what the benefits for using this system are. 5.) Please prepare a process chart describing the specific process the company goes through from initial contact with customer, to delivery of goods to client and receiving payment. Please discuss from A-Z how the company processes a shipment. You can use a flow chart to answer this question as well.

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