TOPIC-Minimum wage debate(USA)

The purpose of this assignment is as the objective states in addition to applying it to a real-world, relevant, and current public policy issue. A common issue is minimum wage. There is a great debate taking place in Washington D.C., amongst friends, social media, and even the water cooler at your place of employment. Moreover, the goal is to help you formulate ideas, see both sides of the arguments, and share your understanding with others in and out of the class as you deepen your knowledge on the issues.

  • you will research, state, and explain an argument for each side of the the topic. The last paragraph should state the side you agree with the most and why. You are not graded on what side you take.
  • For the topic you choose, you will have a total of 3 paragraphs (1 paragraph for each argument and opinion for a total of 3 paragraphs; 10-15 sentences a paragraph please). If you feel you need write more please, feel free.
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