Multi Colour Systems (MCS),

Multi Colour Systems (MCS), a manufacturer of paints in Ghana has been operating its sourcing functions on separate business strategies. The company is having over four thousand suppliers, both local and international. The previous Sourcing Manager was dismissed due to supplier selection problem he encountered with suppliers of chemicals from China Huanfui Chemical Company. Having completed your BSc in Procurement and Logistics you are amongst three (3) officers being considered for the role of Sourcing Specialist which has become vacant by the retirement of the incumbent. You are required to submit a paper on how you intend to transform the supply selection function if you are offered the role. You therefore want to:

a. Examine the issues that Champion Paints faces with traditional suppliers while operating an integrated supply chain function and how effective supplier selection will contribute to the overall competitiveness of the company.
b. Discuss the key challenges that may confront MCS in its supplier selection process and outline how it will overcome these identified challenges.

c. To reduce challenges and cost on the numerous suppliers MCS has decided to reduce the supplier base. As the new Sourcing Manager outline the effective way of managing the supplier base
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