6. Tony and Sam are truck drivers at T & J Courier Services. Sam is always well dressed and cares about his appearance whereby Tony does not care about his looks and seldom grooms himself. He seldom shaves his beard, does not tuck in his shirt and wears a slipper while driving. Sam advises Tony to groom himself and look presentable even though they are just truck drivers. Discuss what is your opinion about professional grooming? Should Tony groom himself?

7. Soraya is really happy with her new job as a sales associate at a shoe store. Although her new company’s policy says that employees should not keep their cell phones with them during working hours, she notices that all the other sales associates do. They also check their messages and text while working. Soraya really likes her smartphone and is thinking of keeping it with her. She believes that it can’t be a problem since her co-workers are doing it. You are a good friend, and Soraya has asked for your opinion about this situation. What would be your advice to Soraya? Discuss.

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