4. Bela is a new employee who joined the sales and marketing in XYZ Pvt Ltd. She was teamed up with Nora to brainstorm on a sales strategy for a new market. Nora immediately asked for a change of team and quoted that she is not comfortable to work with a Nigerian. Bela was offended and did not understand why Nora would not want to work with her. Nora seems to be quite harsh with her dealings with Bela. Bela could not stand Nora’s behavior and deciding to quit the job. Discuss why would you consider Nora as unprofessional.

5. A fellow worker, Alice, has been reporting to the boss the progress of your group in such a way that it appears that she is the central force and the “idea person” in the group. This is not true since her contributions have been about equal to the others. The other group members don’t know she has been advancing her position in the organization at the expense of others (and maybe even making others look unproductive). You know what Alice is doing. Alice is slightly above you in rank, and you like her and work well with her. You feel, however, that her easy and regular access to the boss and inaccurate reporting of the group’s progress will ultimately undermine the others in the group. Justify why Alice is not a professional team leader.

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