Find an advertisement for a job that appeals to you from a newspaper or online.

 Analyze the ad.

• List the specific skills and qualities the employer is looking for. Do you have these skills?

• Make a second list detailing all your education, experience, skills, and qualities that might be relevant.

• Match the two lists and rank items. Which are the strongest and weakest points in your favor? Which are the most important skills and qualities to the employer?

Write the letter.

• Make a point-form outline of your cover letter. Which skills, qualities, and knowledge will you highlight?

• Write a one-page cover letter, using the AIDA pattern, applying for the job, making up the details you need to make your letter persuasive.

Revise the letter.

• Exchange this letter with a fellow student who has also done the exercise and apply the same critical analysis to that letter.

• Finally, when you get your peer-edited letter back, rewrite it based on the comments from your fellow student that you think are justified.

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