Tammy Wilson runs a small, independent shoe store in Pataxy, Georgia. At present, she has no employees besides herself, she purchases five brands of shoes from eight different wholesalers, and she grants revolving credit to many of the long-established families that regularly buy from her. At present her cousin keeps all her accounting records in a paper notebook, but because of overflow traffic from a new nearby mall the business has grown so large that Tammy has decided to set up a computerized system. She wants the system to be able to grow as her business continues to grow. She is eventually planning to turn her store into a giant discount warehouse that will serve the entire region.


Tammy has asked her other cousin, a software developer, to set up a custom accounting system based on a relational database.

a. Define the basic tables that will be initially required for the database.

b. Describe what data she might want to use to create a data warehouse. c. What types of analyses might Tammy do on the data warehouse?

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