Ramwood Company is a large distributor in the candy business with offices in Miami, Florida. The company accepts only very large orders from wholesalers, and the controller has a strict policy that orders will only be filled on the basis of an encrypted electronic purchase order from the customer. Ramwood has recently had some serious problems with its Web site. The problem is that someone has spoofed its domain name and has been intercepting its business. In other words, many recent orders have gone to a competitor with offices in the Cayman Islands, who just happens to operate under a similar legal name, namely, Ramwood Candy. The CEO checked with the company’s outside attorney and found out that there was little that could be done about another company using a similar name, and given that the competitor was offshore it would even be difficult to do anything about the domain name spoofing. The controller spent her nights without sleep, thinking about the problem. Finally, she concluded that they needed to add something to their Web site that the competitor could not counterfeit, some sort of token or something that the customer could look for to be assured that it was dealing with the real


a. How would you suggest that Ramwood solve its problem? b. Design a complete system that can protect Ramwood from imposters.

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